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                                                                                       "Ad Astra per Formae"

1/110 scale Revell "All Systems Go" model

Mercury-Atlas, MA-6 - Launch Pad 14

Revell's 1/110 scale model of the Mercury-Atlas of John Glenn's orbital flight, was first released back in the 1960s as "All Systems Go!"  The model was re-released as part of the Revell "Young Astronauts" series int he 1970s, and again as part of the "History Makers" series of model kits in the 1980s.

We recently added the LVM Studios "Pad 14 Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT)" model to this old Revell model, and along with some "sprucing-up" of other elements of the model, it looks like a whole new project!

In January of 2019, we decided to revise the Atlas Booster and its support cradle. All of these parts came from a kit purchased through eBay, which was opened, unfinished and incomplete, but contained all of the spare parts I needed.

We used Alclad Chrome Lacquer to put a more realistic gleam onto the skin of the Atlas. Placing the revised "Friendship 7" spacecraft from the previous build on top, the results were quite fine indeed.