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The Original Series

Starship Enterprise

50th Anniversary Edition - Polar Lights 1/350 scale

We thought a long time about doing, or not doing, this model.

After all, we already had a relatively new copy of the 1/1000 scale AMT Enterprise in our collection, so the original series ship was represented. 

But there was something very compelling about doing this model. Most likely, it was the fact that the 1/359 scale Polar Lights Re-Fit Enterprise, from "Star Trek - The Motion Picture," was the first model I did with extensive LED application, and building that kit changed the way I look at modeling from that point forward. To have the old Enterprise, in the same scale as the Re-Fit, was just too compelling. 

Since there has been some issues with storing large amounts of photographic data on this website in the past, we've decided to place the photos of the build project onto a separate Shutter Fly "Share Site," which visitors can access from here. The TOS Enterprise will be the shown the same way.

The build of the model included the following additional detailing accessories:

Polar Lights TOS Enterprise Lighting Kit and Weathering Decal Sets

3D-Printed Buzzard Collector Domes from

ParaGrafix Engine Grille and Supplemental Detail PE Sets

We will feature some of the best photos of the model thus far and then provide the link to go to the Share Site, if you wish to see more detail about the build. 

The upper surface of the Primary Hull, showing the Polar Lights Weathering Decals and registry markings installed, prior to matt-coating. 

The iconic view of the Enterprise from front and below.

The new original Enterprise, at the crown of our Star Trek display area.

The view, illuminated, from aft-right. We used the Polar Lights Lighting Kit to do the illumination of the model, and LED Strips to illuminate the surface of the "planet orbit display base."

We used 3D-printed Hanger Bay Doors from, along with the clear Hanger Bay parts provided in the Polar Lights Lighting Kit to do the open Hanger Bay, with Shuttlecraft Galileo poised for departure.

Side view with full illumination. 

A slightly overhead view of the Enterprise.

Here's a link to the ShutterFly Album Page for larger build photos...