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                                                                                       "Ad Astra per Formae"

1/72 scale Dragon Models

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Our first ASTP model was a Revell 1/96 scale version, released in 1978. While the detailing of the Soyuz was good, the Apollo CSM was still the "Block 1" vehicle Revell had been molding throughout the entire Apollo Program. I attempted to sublimate the Block 1 deficiencies by re-painting the CSM in Block 2 configuration. 

This model was loaned to a high-school student in Lancaster, California, who was doing her Science Fair project on the Apollo-Soyuz flight, and had even had the opportunity to interview Vance Brand, CM pilot for the ASTP mission. We were so impressed with her work, that we not only loaned her the model for the fair, but gave it to her to keep after wards.

This was the "replacement" for the donated Revell ASTP.

Dragon Models does a great job of detail in molding, but the instructions were not up to "Dragon standards," as there was virtually nothing showing how to assemble the Soyuz and the Docking Adapter. Far too little detail in the assembly explanation. But, we made it through.

A closer view of the Apollo CSM shows very good decal markings provided and a correct "Block 2" Apollo craft in place. We used self-adhesive aluminum foil to do the CM exterior and soft Silver paint to do the SM. The Soyuz is correct for the time period, The blue solar panel applications are visually interesting. 

A gold coin commemorating the ASTP flight was added as a marker to highlight the model's display stand.

In looking at these photos again, I noted that the Dragon-supplied display stand provided no support for the Soyuz and the strain on the CM/Docking Adapter was showing. So, I decided to re-do the display stand. Using the support design for the full-size ASTP replica at the National Air & Space Museum as inspiration, we fabricated this support system from black ABS sheet stock.