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Airfix 1/144 scale

Russian R-7 Rocket

This model includes all three famous flight configurations.

The small nose cone was used for Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957.

The middle shroud with the ingress opening was used for Vostok (Gagarin, Titov, Tereshkova, etc.).

The larger upper stage and escape rocket shroud is currently used for Soyuz & Soyuz TM spacecraft, which still fly on the same R-7 Korolev rocket today to launch ISS crews into orbit.

The model is the second oldest scale model of Russian space hardware in our collections and is still one of the best scale represntations of the rocket. There are now other versions of the R-7 available to the modeler, from New Ware in the Czech Republic, which provides all flown versions of the R-7 in 1/144 scale resin kits.