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The "Alexei Leonov" Deep-Space Research Vessel

1/350 scale 3D-printed model

by "GAS Designs - ToyCave Collectibles"

offered through

This problem seems to run in waves.

First, after completion of filming "2001," Stanley Kubrick ordered all models and props to be sequestered or destroyed, as he did not want other directors or producers to use "his properties" to make their own films with. This meant the range of 2001 ship models was very small for a very long time.

Now, the same problem has befallen the "Alexei Leonov," the Soviet Union's spaceship built to fly out to Jupiter and pick-up where the Americans left off. It was the main ship set of the Peter Hyams' film "2010 - The Year We Made Contact." Until recently, no model kits of the Leonov have been released for public sale.

There was / is (still, maybe) an 18" long resin kit made of the Leonov. The citation for it appears on the Monsters in Motion website, but it is shown as "unavailable" for now. Whether it re-appears or not, only time and demand will tell.

In the meantime, there is a small but well-detailed model of the Leonov being offered as parts to be assembled through and as an assembled kit through eBay. The 3D Model designer goes by "GAS Designs" on both venues, but the "ToyCave Collectibles" is only seen on Shapeways. 

The finished model is only about 6" long, and was done in roughly 1/350 scale, to work with the Moebius Models 1/350 scale version of the Discovery.

The kit consists of five sections - The Main Thruster Module, the Cooling Vanes, the central Habitation Module cluster, an aluminum Coupling Pin and the Bridge Module.

The Bridge is offered in two versions - one with the Grappling Claw open to the sides ("A") and one opened fore & aft ("B"). The A version is used if you plan on "docking" your Leonov to a 1/350 scale Moebius Discovery model. 

There was a display base offered on Shapeways, but I just wasn't impressed by it, so I designed my own. 

A photo of the "assembled" version from eBay.

Our copy of the 1/350 scale Leonov, obtained through 

The view fron the front. I tried to leave the rotating Habitat Modules at a bit of an angle, to allude to their continuous rotation in-flight.

Our custom-made display stand, which includes a Leonov Crew Patch from Space

The new Leonov is now part of our full 2001-2010 exhibit shelf.