Lake County SpacePort 

                                                                                       "Ad Astra per Formae"

The Completed 1/32 scale Apollo Spacecraft

Monogram/Revell Models, Details by New Ware

The completed, enhanced, Monogram 1/32 scale Apollo CSM, +Y view.

View from -Y side. The detail parts from New Ware include exterior, interior and decals.

Rear 3/4 view along the +Y axis.


Aft view, showing high-gain antenna and bulkhead detail.


A view showing the addition of the throat & injector plate detail taken from a photo taken of CSM-119, which is on display at KSC.

Front view, down the -Y axis.

Close-up view of CM and hatch area. The -Y section of the CM hull is removable to reveal interior details. The same is true for the SM. These panels were originally clear plastic, but were detailed to match the exterior finish.

Close-up of the Docking Probe, Docking Collar with red seal ring, and the EVA handrail.


The new model, viewed down the -Y axis.

My 20 year old version of the same model, viewed down the -Y axis.

Comparison of the two versions.

Interior detail of older version.

Interior detail of new version. Note fuel cells, tank plumbing and foil insulation.

The fuel cells and tanks shown here were either "scratch-built" (fuel cells) or re-worked versions of the Monogram original parts.  Recently, Mr. Vincent Meens developed 3D printed versions of the actual hardware and offered them through We acquired them and installed then into our SM, to improve the overall detail. 

The Meens 3D printed Liquid Hydrogen Tank and associated plumbing. 

The Meens 3D printed Liquid Oxygen Tanks and associated plumbing.

The Meens 3D printed Fuel Cell stacks and associated plumbing. The photo below them shows the Meens 3D printed "heads" on the left and the Monogram stock cell heads on the right. No comparison and better than my scratch-built fuel cells.

All Meens 3D printed equipment freshly installed in the SM equipment bay.

A dramatically improved level of detail now resides in the Service Module. 

CM interior detail of older version.

CM interior detail of new version. Note revised authentic colors, crew figures and control panels details.

Control console of older version. Original sticker provided by Monogram as part of the kit.

New Ware photo-etched Control Console of new version, shows relief and proper colors.

Crew figures from older version. Very basic details provided.

New Ware astronaut figures. Far more realistic, and more accurate detail of ALM-7 suits.

Recently, we created a new "dual-pillar" display base, which can hold the big CSM horizontally, with as little visible material as possible. We used the new stand for some "night shots."

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