Lake County SpacePort 

                                                                                       "Ad Astra per Formae"

 1/350 Enterprise Hanger Bay

This model was built from the parts from the Polar Lights 1/350 Re-Fit Enterprise, which were supposed to go inside the model, but if you want the bay doors closed, you will never see it.

So, I decided to build it as a separate model. I got the idea from another modeler's on-line post. The clear acrylic base comes from Starship Modeler's web store.

The last three images show an overhead lighting system I built to provide a realistic illumination to the hanger bay. It runs on LED strips, placed over the translucent panels on the bay's ceiling. 

1/1000 scale AMT "TOS" Enterprise

I recently ordered one of these off of eBay and put it together, as I had not owned an original Enterprise in many years. It was and is still a great looking model.


AMT 1/1000 Enterprise "D" from "Next Generation"

The AMT release of the Enterprise D from Star Trek - The Next Generation. All azteking panel detail was hand-painted onto the original blue plastic surface, using Duck-Egg Blue and Camouflage Gray.  The deflector ring in mid-slope was painted Gunship Gray and the edge deflectors were Insignia Blue.


AMT "Sarek Warp Shuttle" from Star Trek, the Motion Picture

Ambassador Sarek's Warp Shuttle Craft. The AMT model was painted and weathered to match still shots from the first motion picture scenes. This is the oldest, original Star Trek TMP model I own.


My first "lighted" 1/1000 AMT Re-Fit Enterprise

This would have been the oldest...

My first AMT 1/1000 scale re-fit Enterprise. These photos were taken over 35 years ago (OMG!) so they're not the same quality as others on this site. However, they do show that a few "grain of wheat" light bulbs and some plastic "fiber optic" strands (used for the saucer edge windows) can create something special.This model was donated to Lakeview Museum in Peoria, when we moved to the Chicago area in 1995.


Diamond Select "Enterprise E"

After returning from the 50th Anniversary Star Trek exhibit at Seattle's EMP & Sci-Fi Museum, I felt compelled to acquire another "large-scale" Enterprise model. Found this copy of the Diamond Select "Nemesis" edition on eBay and decided to add it to our display. It's very well detailed and has integral lighting and "Picard sound-bites" that operate when you press the Bridge bubble!

A recently acquired laser-etched acrylic display stand from "plazmadimensions" was added to the "E" in lieu of the supplied display stand. Quite a nice addition...