Lake County SpacePort 

                                                                                       "Ad Astra per Formae"

Classic AMT Star Trek

Shuttlecraft "Galileo" Model

Well, we went this far. We may as well finish the job.

The only classic AMT Star Trek model remaining that we don't own is the ever-popular Shuttlecraft Galileo.

Like all classic Star Trek models, detail products have become available to assist in building a better model than the out-of-the-box version. But in the case of the Galileo, not much has come forward to help with the interior. So, we had to improvise.

Using the diagrams of the Shuttlecraft available online, we created a set of interior panel decals that we could place onto section of sheet styrene, in order to create a better looking interior. We also used a scratch-built "light panel" affixed to the interior ceiling to light up the interior. 

The detail sets that were available, we ordered.

OuterSpace Outfitters once again came to the rescue, with translucent panels of the fron control console. We purchased the Star Trek Galileo Shuttlecraft Conversion Kit for the AMT Galileo 1/32 Scale Model Kit by Larson Designs/Lunar Models, as well as a set of Replacement Decals from HDAModelworks in Texas. 

LEDs were placed into the front control console, the two ward nacelles and the Impulse Engine grille in the rear of the craft.

The Larsen Design set provides clear, frosted domes for the front of each warp nacelle, which are a perfect complement to the diffused Red LEDs we used to illuminate them.

Here, the Larsen Design aft section, the rear decal panel, a black diamond-pleat floor panel, our two side decal panels, the seats and the front control panel are all installed.

Incoming power wiring from the bottom-mounted connector, along with wiring coming back from the front console can be seen. 

The side decal panels fit tightly against the bottom hull sides, so that they would bend gentley inward, following the curviture of the upper hull's interior when the two are mated. 

After mating, seam filling, sanding and masking, the upper hull and warp nacelles were painted in Light Aircraft Gray, The lower hull was airbrushed in Tamiya J.N. Gray - "Enterprise Gray," which is visually just darker that the upper surfaces. The decals were applied and set, then the entire model was overcoated in clear satin. When all painting was done, the window and warp dome masks were removed. 

The globe-like scanner displays were replicated using spare plastic parts and placed near the two froward seats. The right-side scanner is in stowage position, while the left-side is in viewing mode.