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Space Station V by Fantastic Plastic - 1/2100 scale


Fantastic Plastic, Costa Mesa, CA




1/1400, 1/2100 or 1/2800 (based of Orion Space Clipper used


215 total, resin and photo-etched (PE) stainless steel


6 pages, plus full-size drawings for reference




Flat white spray, International Orange, Dullcoat, ACC glue

Forcepts, fresh Exacto blades, small surgical scissors, Dremel tool w/

Small grinding drum and thin cut-off wheels.


Used still photos from the movie 2001 – A Space Odyssey

Molding/Casting Quality:

Good detail overall, serious amounts of flash on the support tubes, issues with ring section fit (see report)


Most surface detailing, panel lines, etc. were sharp and well defined. Windows on two ring sections were blurred, likely due to mold wear.


Very accurate…


Ring sections need special work(see report). Support tubes do not have well defined stops to show depth of fit into core.


Not a kit for the faint hearted. A real challenge intended only for seasoned modelers.


Overall, the instructions were good, but basic. There is no the paint guide, so you’re on your own to watch the film again…




If you can make it through the trials, you will be proud of the results.


Without question Fantastic Plastic has created one of the most challenging and beautifully detailed 2001 models to be sold thus far. To paraphrase an old US Marines ad, “the challenge is great, but the rewards are greater.” To actually have Station V now sitting above my cache of other 2001 models is s genuine thrill, and one I never thought I’d see. While it’s rumored that other Space Station V kits “may’ become available, this is currently the only one I have found, and while there were problems with mold qualities (and it seems all resin kits have their issues), with Alan’s help via e-mail, none of the trials encountered here were insurmountable. Any proficient space modeler would be proud to make this part of their collection. They will have earned the right to be proud, building Space Station V.


To see the construction process in detail,

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