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                                                                                       "Ad Astra per Formae"

Classic AMT  Star Trek

Original Series Command 

Bridge Model

Well, another episode in our Star Trek Mania comes to completion.

Others have also built this classic model, and added lighting and sound as well, but our display concept, of creating the outer dome section of the Starship Enterprise to enclose the model, we think is unique.

Our model is a combination of numerous assets.

First, it took two copies of the AMT model to provide enough Console Control Panels and Crew Chairs to do a "complete Bridge." In the original classic AMT model, the entire side of the Bridge, between the Engineering console and the Main View Screen is open, so that the interior can be easily seen. We wanted to do a complete Bridge, with all stations in place.

Next, we added the OuterSpace Outfitter's Bridge Console Panels, for the top surfaces of each station. To me, they looked the best and were translucent for LED back-lighting.

We also employed both ParaGrafix PE sets that were available, as each one had a specific attribute that we wanted. The Bridge Display Set had the correctly sized large display screens for each station. The Bridge Detail Set had photoetched metal (PE) parts for the lower access grilles for each station, panels for the Captain's Chair, scanners for the proper console stations and other specialized surface parts.

An entire range of different LED products were employed, in order to get the right amount of lighting into the spaces needed with the greatest ease and efficiency. 

Lastly, we obtained 3D-printed figures from"Worksmith3D" through All of the prime crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are present, along with three "generic crew members" to assume their positions on the Bridge. Each was painted for correct uniform color, hair color, minor facial detail, gold arm braids and badges for the uniforms. 

Last, but certainly not least, we decided to create a complete display structure for the Bridge, which used a 15" diameter clear acrylic dome to cover the model, allow direct visibility and to be finished as the "Bridge Bubble" on the upper surface of the Starship. We added a section of PVC pipe to replicate the Turbo-lift column and added a control box to switch the lighting and integrated "sound system" on and off. The sound system plays appropriate "Bridge Sound Effects," gathered from the Original Series Sound Effects CD.

Here's the results...

You can follow the process of construction by going to our ShutterFly Album Page dedicated to this project. Follow this link...